Privacy Policy

Introducing TemplateLelo’s Privacy Policy

Welcome to our privacy policy, outlining how we handle your personal information as a TemplateLelo user or site visitor. Ensuring the safety of your data is a top priority at TemplateLelo.

When we refer to 'we,' 'us,' or ‘TemplateLelo,' it's an indication of our professional commitment as the dedicated team responsible for the operation and management of the Sites.

If we mention 'policy,' we're referring specifically to our privacy policy. On the other hand, when we mention 'user terms,' we're discussing the guidelines and regulations that apply to the usage of each of our websites or products. Please note that these rules may differ from one product to another, and each product presents them separately, seeking your consent independently of this policy.

By using our website, you are automatically accepting the terms outlined in this document. If you disagree with any of the provisions herein, kindly reach out to us before proceeding to use our website, including its various pages, folders, and subdomains. Please note that we reserve the right to modify our privacy policy without prior notice, so we recommend all users routinely monitor this page to stay informed about the latest version.

The type of personal info we collect

We assemble particular personal data from visitors and users of our Sites. The type and range of information vary depending on where it comes from and the user's status.

Our goal is to offer the best possible services, We spread our web to collect a variety of data. Some of the gems we collect include user names, member names, email addresses, the unique digital footprints known as IP addresses, various contact details, your survey responses, the musings in your blogs, snapshots of your experiences captured in photos, the financial footprints you leave through payment information (including the digital trail of payment agent details and transactional specifics), tax information, the inquiries that seek our support, the powerful phrases of your forum comments (if applicable), Content you instruct us to publish on our Sites, (such as item descriptions), your actions on our Sites (including any selections or inputs into items), and web and email analytics data.

We collect personal information in the following ways:-

Direct Contribution: Your personal information flows directly to us when you willingly share it. This happens during key interactions such as membership registration, purchasing or offering items or services on our Sites, subscribing to newsletters or email lists, providing feedback, participating in contests, completing surveys, or simply reaching out to us through communication channels.

Automatic Gathering: As you journey through our digital landscapes, we have mechanisms in place to automatically gather certain information. This process occurs seamlessly as you explore our Sites and utilize the services associated with them.

Through Third Parties: Additionally, your personal information may also be received through intermediaries when you engage with services connected to our Sites.

Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of our digital content marketplaces motivates us to take measures to verify the identity of our authors. By doing so, we aim to uphold marketplace integrity, mitigate fraudulent activities, foster accountability among our content creators, and empower both TemplateLelo and our valued customers to enforce contractual obligations when necessary.

In accordance with our legitimate interests and legal obligations, we may request author verification, including details such as your name, full address, and date of birth. This verification process, known as TemplateLelo Verify, is conducted in collaboration with our trusted service provider, Yashshav Enterprises, Kota, Rajasthan, INDIA.

TemplateLelo Verify involves a secure and privacy-conscious procedure where you'll be asked to provide a selfie, which will then be cross-referenced with your Photo ID document using advanced facial recognition technology. It's important to note that we use your Photo ID document exclusively for the TemplateLelo Verify process and will delete it upon successful completion, safeguarding your privacy throughout the journey.

Information collected from external sources-

Although we usually receive your personal information directly from you, there are times when we additionally get some categories of that information from other sources.

These sources include:-

Financial Insights: Financial and transaction details from payment providers in order to complete a transaction. This information is vital for processing your transactions efficiently and securely.

External Streams: Through partnerships and collaborations with third-party sources, we may acquire supplementary information about you, within the bounds of applicable laws. This supplementary data might encompass demographic insights, fraud detection information, or even gleaned knowledge about your activities both on and off the TemplateLelo platform. Our partner ad networks may also contribute insights about your experiences and interactions.

Insights from Creators: In our commitment to maintaining a thriving marketplace, we receive valuable information about you as a rights holder from our third-party authors. This information often takes the form of a model release when your image is featured in an item available on our Sites.

Feel secure that we will handle this diversified influx of information with extreme precautions and in accordance with all applicable data protection standards, ensuring your privacy remains a top priority over this massive data journey.

Utilization of Personal Information

We will utilize your personal information as follows:-

Fulfilling Contracts and More:

First and foremost, we embark on this data journey to honor contracts and their magical workings. This includes the artistry of facilitating and processing transactions within our bustling marketplace, such as when you acquire a coveted item from our digital emporium.

Serving Legitimate Interests:

Our quest extends to realms of legitimate interests, both ours and those of third parties. These interests encompass a wide array of purposes:-

  • Operating and maintaining the Sites, ensuring their seamless functionality.
  • Bestowing upon you the services and experiences outlined within our digital realms.
  • Verifying your identity, like a trusted gatekeeper when you enter our domains.
  • Answering the call of support tickets, ensuring harmonious dispute resolutions.
  • Keeping you informed with the latest operational news and site-related insights.
  • Delving into the art of technical analysis to enhance the magic of our digital domains.
  • Vigilantly monitoring activities within our realms to ward off any dark clouds of potential fraud and to ensure harmony with the user terms governing our lands.
  • Nurturing our relationship with you by listening to your comments, queries, and the melodies of your feedback.
  • Managing the intricate legal and operational affairs that govern our digital kingdom, safeguarding against content-related challenges and the cunning tricks of fraud.
  • Empowering our TemplateLelo staff with the knowledge and wisdom needed to serve our cherished user community.
  • Evolving our products and services through the alchemy of improvement.
  • Undertaking the essential tasks of administration and performance enhancements.
  • Enforcing the power of identity verification through the art of comparing a selfie and your Photo ID using the mystical facial recognition technology, is a necessity for legal claims.
  • Unveiling the secrets of your job applications to TemplateLelo.
  • Weaving the intricate patterns of data analytics to measure the potency of our Site's advertisements and to perfect the alchemy of our products and services.
Upon the Wings of Consent:
  • When you grant us your consent, we embark on a journey to:
  • Tailor our services and digital landscapes, crafting personalized experiences with the help of cookies and similar technologies.
In the Name of the Law:

We also harness the power of your information when required by the laws that govern our realms.

Responding to the Call of Authority:

Lastly, when the authorities beckon, whether they be government entities or the enigmatic courts of law, we stand ready to heed their call, conducting investigations and responding to their requests with due diligence and respect.